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Powered by Canadian leaders in global youth development – Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International– the EQWIP HUBs project is a global network that connects Canadian volunteers, youth participants, and international partners through innovative programming in six developing countries. This programming offers entrepreneurship and employment training so that young people, especially women, can come together to gain market-relevant skills and learn from mentors.

EQWIP HUBs’ Canadian volunteers work in partnership with youth participants from the developing world to help create a better future for all. In Bolivia, Gustavo Verastegui was one of these ambitious participants and his one-of-a-kind story demonstrates what can be achieved when young women and men are given the opportunity to grow to their full potential.

In April 2017, Gustavo enrolled in EQWIP HUBs’ employability core training in La Paz, Bolivia while attending Don Bosco CEA’s technical institute as an English student. He was looking to expand his employment opportunities and shared that the training he received through EQWIP HUBs was very valuable to him. He told us that EQWIP HUBs showed him how to work in a team to achieve results and the importance of financial education and managing money.

“We need to start saving now or to invest in things that will benefit us if we want to have more opportunities. Indeed, I learned how important it is to have a savings account that allows you to withdraw money when you need it. I also learned how to be proactive and not reactive. I now know I should listen to others first to better understand them before responding emotionally. EQWIP HUBs taught me how to develop myself and be open with others. I am better able to conduct myself around other people and in my job.”

During training with EQWIP HUBs, and while attending Don Bosco’s language school at night, Gustavo worked part-time for “TOYOSERVICE” (Toyota’s official car repair service). Working daily in the morning, attending EQWIP HUBs three afternoons a week, and participating in nightly language classes proved to be a worthwhile challenge. He highlighted that prior to attending EQWIP HUBs employability core training he did not give his job the merit it deserved:

“I was not engaged in the work and it showed while dealing with clients. EQWIP HUBs taught me how to distinguish myself and treat clients with respect. Since then, I have had many new ideas at work like moving the tools to make them more accessible and easier to find; therefore, easing the work. I also took more pride in my work and started treating clients the best I could.”

Gustavo told us that shortly after joining EQWIP HUBs training he had an oral exam in front of a panel. The exam was in English and he was quite nervous. Though thanks to the skills he learned at EQWIP HUBs, he shared that his self-esteem increased and he expressed himself with confidence to successfully complete the exam.

At the end of June, Gustavo was interviewed and hired for a job in the car manufacturing industry in Switzerland. A few days prior, he learned about job interview behaviours and questions through EQWIP HUBs training. “It was really good practice for me because the interviewer spoke with me in English. Because I did well in the interview, they asked me to be part of their team,” Gustavo enthusiastically explained. He departed from Bolivia and headed to Switzerland in July.

“I am grateful to EQWIP HUBs because it gave me the tools to overcome the many fears I had and helped me be successful in life. I am also thankful for getting to know the EQWIP HUBs team.”

Gustavo’s unique story demonstrates what can be achieved when we work together to help young people reach their full potential. Everyone at EQWIP HUBs wishes Gustavo success in his new job in Switzerland.

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