31 Jul EQWIP HUBs global programs help youth reach their potential

Powered by Canadian leaders in global youth development – Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International– the EQWIP HUBs project is a global network that connects Canadian volunteers, youth participants, and international partners through innovative programming in six developing countries. This programming offers entrepreneurship and employment training so that young people, especially women, can come together to gain market-relevant skills...

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24 Apr Maddalena activates leadership in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Maddalena is volunteering in Zanzibar, Tanzania as a Youth Communications & Engagement Coordinator. Read on to discover how she activates leadership as part of Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International’s innovative EQWIP HUBs project! Volunteering with EQWIP HUBs has allowed me so many opportunities to strengthen my skills in a global environment. These experiences have helped me not only to...

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24 Apr Noah activates creativity in El Alto, Bolivia

Noah is volunteering in El Alto, Bolivia as a Facilitation and Training Assistant with Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International’s EQWIP HUBs project. Read on to learn how he activates creative problem solving to help find solutions that propel #YouthForward. ¡Buenos días desde Bolivia! My name is Noah (in the middle), and I am a Facilitation and Training Assistant, working...

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24 Apr Jonathan activates collaboration in Lima, Peru

Jonathan is volunteering in Lima, Peru as a Youth Livelihood Officer with Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International’s EQWIP HUBs project. Read on to learn how he activates collaboration and why it’s essential to achieving our goals and accessing a career in international development! I remember the first time I had to run a meeting in EQWIP HUBs as a...

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07 Mar #BeBoldForChange: Celebrating International Women’s Day at EQIWP HUBs

International Women’s Day is an important time to celebrate the accomplishments of women all over the world; however, it also signifies that we all have a collective responsibility to shape a society where the contributions of women are seen and appreciated equally to those of men. The World Economic Forum predicts that the gender gap won’t close until 2186, but...

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06 Feb International Development Week 2017: Celebrating A Year of #YouthForward Impact

Our goal to propel 100,000 youth forward by 2020 is well underway as EQWIP HUBs comes together to celebrate International Development Week in 2017. When Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International launched EQWIP HUBs almost two years ago, it became apparent that this could become a truly novel approach to youth development. With 72 million young people around the world...

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Facilitator of the first Leadership training in Zanzibar

01 Nov Training the Leaders of Today in Zanzibar

EQWIP HUBs Zanzibar was chosen to facilitate leadership training for more than 1,000 Youth Council Members across Zanzibar. Lucky for us, one of our own EQWIP HUBs Volunteers, Hilary Duff, was able to attend. Read about the experience below! “Sisi soteni viongozi.” The Swahili words were written across the flip chart paper and stuck to the board with a wad of tape. The...

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The EQWIP HUBs Bolivia team

11 Oct My First Days in Bolivia

Camina Harrison-Chery, an EQWIP HUBs Volunteer who is in Bolivia for the next year working as a facilitator. Read on to learn all about her experience supporting Canada World Youth/Youth Challenge International’s new youth livelihood project, EQWIP HUBs! It only took standing in front of thirty pairs of attentive eyes once to realize the importance of the work I will be...

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EQWIP HUBs youth participants in Mwanza, Tanzania

31 Aug Meet EQWIP HUB Mwanza

Karibu Sana to EQWIP HUBs in Mwanza, Tanzania It’s an exciting time – the first group of Tanzanian youth are halfway through EQWIP HUBs’ core employment training program. Let’s pay them a visit, shall we? Check out the full story by EQWIP HUBs volunteer, Hilary Duff, on EXPOSURE now. [button size='medium' style='' text='Read Now' icon='' icon_color='' link='https://hilaryduff.exposure.co/meet-eqwip-hubs-mwanza' target='_self' color='' hover_color='' border_color='' hover_border_color='' background_color='' hover_background_color=''...

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